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ScottCollins’ attorneys have extensive experience with a diverse range of civil lawsuits, transcending multiple industries. From Trademark Infringement and Breach of Contract to Real Estate and Immigration, our team works tirelessly for your rights and to protect you from any undue harm that can accompany litigation.


Whether your needs are as simple as preparing a deed to sell your home or as complex as the partitioning of a property, ScottCollins provides experienced representation to buyers, sellers, and financial institutions in both residential and commercial real estate matters, including leases and eviction proceedings. We can also assist with municipal matters such as zoning, conservation, and planning. If necessary, ScottCollins’ attorneys can litigate both real estate and municipal matters.


When you’re overwhelmed with the pressure of being deeply in debt, struggling to save your home, and fighting off creditors at every turn, it can be difficult to make the necessary decisions or even see a clear path forward. Your ScottCollins team is sensitive and professional, dedicated to helping you solve those problems, protect your interests, and get back on track.


You care about your loved ones: your spouse, your children… thinking about a directive for your estate isn’t a comfortable topic, but there is no substitute for peace of mind. While there are plenty of “quick and easy” options for creating a will online, correcting issues when something goes wrong - something a trained attorney could have spotted - can be complicated and expensive. ScottCollins attorneys specialize in building an efficient, accurate, and binding Will for your estate, leaving you free to focus on the business of living.


Effectively planning your estate is a process that goes beyond completing a few documents. Since it can quickly become confusing, we at ScottCollins recommend you seek the counsel of a trained attorney. We look forward to advising and assisting you with all of your Estate Planning needs - Wills & Trusts, Power of Attorney, Probate & Administration, asset protection, real estate planning, family dilemmas, and more.


You should never speak to a police officer or a judge without a skilled criminal defense lawyer by your side. If you’ve been arrested or are facing any kind of court hearing, reach out to us first. Whatever the charge, ScottCollins’ experienced, accomplished attorneys are here to ensure that your rights are protected and that you attain the best possible outcome.

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