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Family Law

Family Law MassachusettsWhether your case involves a Contested or Uncontested Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Visitation, Modification, Alimony, or Guardianship of a Minor or Adult, the ScottCollins attorneys can provide you with information and options, realistic goals, and a clear fee structure.

Your case and your rights as a parent are our priority. We are committed to safeguarding ethics and justice while also getting you the right results.We take the time to get to know our clients and truly understand their legal problem - determining the most effective course of action and implementing a solid plan.

In each case, our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation and gather all appropriate supporting evidence. Our expertise in Massachusetts family law and experience with the local courts prepares us to carry out the complex steps of planning your unique case and handling the unexpected.


Deciding to end your marriage can be painful and confusing, often resulting in more questions than answers. At ScottCollins, we recommend seeking counsel from a trained attorney. Our Family Law team understands - and can explain to you - the process of divorce in Massachusetts, and how best to protect your assets.


Whether you want to change your child’s visitation schedule or recalculate child support, making a modification to a court order requires a visit to court. The ScottCollins attorneys have extensive experience with the process, and can outline it for you clearly and concisely. Our priority is always to to help you reach your goal as peacefully as possible.


We know that Child Support is one of the most sensitive and painful areas of Family Law. New rules in Massachusetts (Morales v. Morales) make it easier for to ask the court for a modification of child support, and having a sensitive, skilled lawyer can make a meaningful difference in your experience and the outcome. We at ScottCollins are able to assist you every step of the way, advising you on the process of recalculating - or enforcing - a child support order.


When a court order is issued, compliance is expected - but the reality is that it doesn’t always happen. What do you do when a court order isn’t followed, when child support isn’t paid, when visitation orders aren’t followed? You have the right to go before the court to ask for enforcement - ScottCollins attorneys can help you.


Child Custody issues can be painful at best, and at worst, aggressive. Emotions run hot, and a calm, professional attorney can make all the difference. The ScottCollins firm has extensive experience in all types of custody battles,and will represent your interests with professionalism and sensitivity.

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